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Where the brand takes shape…


For 4 years, we proposed strategies, new markets & concepts to refresh Wiko Brand image & reinforce the product quality perception.


As designers, we wanted to express French DNA and a specific Wiko signature to assert our French brand identity and show our characteristics while the brand preferred to keep a conventional position & follow the market.




Wiko Design Language


Strategy & Industrial Design


2015 - 2020

For example above in 2017, we offered 4 different strategies to understand internally the brand expectations. In the end, the mainstream approach has been selected & developed.

After our role was to decline each signature per product ranges expectations & prospect new features in details.



For the brand, the design needed be as purist as possible. Not only for aesthetic reasons but also Customers' acceptance.

For this reason, Wiko teams decided to reduce the French Design character  & kept a mainstream design position for the market & focused on color DNA of the brand.

Therefore, we worked on the latest trend in terms of fashion, color to reveal meaning for our brand like the 'Calanque gradient' focused on Marseille

An Expanded experience

In addition to complete the smartphone experience, we offered accessories with expanded uses.

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