Linked to the new emerging trend of connected devices at home, we have bet on the image of the Sky brand.

How can we reinvent it and highlight these new uses and new features?

While all of our competitors were trying to hide the box.


Eos is the Greek goddess of the Dawn, the box cut symbolizing the rising sun. This smart box has been treated to be aesthetically integrated into the home as a decorative object.






Strategy, UX, Industrial Design, Engineering



Thus, Where things happen?

Home is where you feel good.


It is the most pleasant and safe place to create an immersive experience. It is where people like to express themselves, express their creativity and their emotions.

“Be yourself! Achieve to be better in your life & with the others.”

So, the “Inner Directed” social trend which comes from Post-materialism could be summarized by :

They are guided by or concerned with goals or ideals determined by oneself rather than by others; on this first step in order to enhance displaced persons' inner resources directed towards personal development.


They are nonconformist, honest.



Understand Client's expectations & surprise them!

Exploration of possibilities & ideation


The Clients required specific finishes & customizable area for their German Market

Technical development

I developed  & intergated all technical constraints from our Mechanical engineers into our 3D Model. Then, for the feasibility, we worked with Suppliers to adjust our draft as for heat dissipation

Prototyping & shown off capabilities

For this special tender & Client, we demonstrate our capabilities through a functional prototype.

Artwork & Marking

Artwork & CMF have been customized for other clients cause of the success of this smart box.

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