My Expertise

Rich of international experiences in industrial development and evolution of brands, my field of actions covers industrial & product design, UX & UI design, brand identity, packaging & event.


You're in search of novelty?


We can work together on your expectations, product, brand mood or market position. Your strategic approach will be the key to set your scope.


You want to expand your Product Range?


The Studio will design relevant experiences on products & Apps interfaces to showcase your benefits. Further than a good product, offer a beautiful packaging experience will give the feeling of preciousness to your offer.

Dinsight craft strategy to face the future





Design is more than just creating beautiful products. Products define who we are. Design is about exchange, the way we communicate and interact as emotional individuals. It’s about how we read and understand the surrounding world daily and how we learn and grow.

The Studio design products to showcase your benefits





Dinsight Studio accompanies your teams to the realization of your products & combines functional industrial design with unparalleled technical knowledge to create innovative products. I stand for nothing less than the finest quality level when it comes to product design. I can recommend partners for your industrialization.

We shape  mood on your events





Dinsight Studio has been a part of helping design many special moments.  I truly love what I do, please take a minute to browse some of my favorite events made at Wiko. I will be able to advise you on the best partners & accompany you during the creative process & the development of your stand.

New Challenges



Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small or large company, or a world-renowned brand, Dinsight offer you a panel of services tailored to your needs to meet your goals.


Launching a start-up is a challenge. Perfecting your product offering before looking after funding or crowdfunding is a long-breath run. Dinsight can support you in establishing strong business foundations before the big jump.







. Establishing your business niche

. Defining your brand identity

. Crafting your product offering

. Performing your market strategy





How the Studio support your growth


By specifying your new product offer and its entire eco-system, Dinsight support you in all stages of the creative process. The Studio deliver an iconic product that is aligned with your mid-term objectives and reflects well your brand image for a successful product launch.


You envolve in a competitive market. Dinsight is injecting new energy into your company to enable you to question your long-term strategy and method.

Take the time to refocus on your goals & redefining your position.







. Exploring new market opportunities

. Diversifying your product offering

. Refining or redefining your corporate strategy

. Standing out from competitors




How the Studio support your growth


In a highly competitive environment, it is important to consolidate your product offer & secure your market positioning. Dinsight supports you in terms of the strategy to stand out from the crowd and in creating an innovative product offer, to perfectly fit your corporate medium terms goals and therefore delighting your existing target audience.


Distinguishing yourself from your competitors is no longer the main thing. Your name and reputation already cross borders and you are looking for strategic foresight to envision what opportunities may exist for the future application of your service and product offerings. You are looking for concrete and long-term scenarios.




. Exploring strategic foresight

. Addressing specific niche target audiences

. Innovating on your product offers

. Envisioning future applications of your technologies



How the Studio support your growth


Innovation and strategic foresight. Dinsight purely and strongly support you in this unique task of visualizing the future application of your existing technologies with your existing domain knowledge. Through societal, cultural, market trend and usage evolution analyses, the Studio supports you in the realization of concrete prospective usage scenarios. In this way, you can specify your future offers and get ready for tomorrow’s world.

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